Mobile Practitioners

Some of our practitioners are "mobile" in that they will come to you if you are in the Mendonoma area. Here is a list of our traveling healers:

Alisa Edwards
Anita Green, CMT
Beatrice Acosta, CMT
Candace Leila
Denise Green, CMT
Joann Dixton, CMT
Judith Fisher, CMT
Kristin Yager
Mel Smith
Paula Stillman
Vicki Albiston, CMT




The Mendonoma North Coast Community is a 22 square mile geography of communities, with five towns serving roughly 4,000 people.  The southern border sits in Sonoma County, with The Sea Ranch, and then extends north into the southern most Mendocino County coastal town of Gualala, followed by Anchor Bay 4 miles up, and Point Arena another 12 miles, and Manchester 6 miles.

        mendonoma map

Wellness On The Coast
Healing Practitioners Serving Sea Ranch, Gualala, Anchor Bay, Point Arena, Manchester & Elk

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