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Lymphatic Drainage

The main actions of Lymphatic Drainage are to stimulate the circulation of the lymphatic flow and indirectly the blood, the immune system, and the autonomic nervous system, which has a tremendous impact on health.

The lymphatic circulation is a slow rhythm, low-velocity, and low-pressure system. The lymphatic system cleanses tissue on a regular basis and removes waste and cells in acute conditions, such as injury or necrosis. It absorbs excess fluid, proteins, electrolytes, toxins, and foreign substances.

Lymphatic Drainage can ease the recovery from surgery and enhance overall health. For clients facing surgery, lymphatic drainage offers myriad benefits. For optimal results, it is recommended that lymphatic drainage be applied for one or two sessions prior to surgery. Post-surgical lymphatic drainage can be applied as soon as 24 hours after surgery with the approval of the surgeon. It significantly gives relief from edema, swelling that can cause pain, promote infection, and distort features. It also improves the scarring process.


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