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Transformational Bodywork

“Sculpting away excess to reveal essence” describes the spirit of private sessions and professional training programs in Transformational Bodyworksm. Practitioner and client together explore the art of personal disarmament and conscious creative living.

This approach to balanced and joyous living is aimed at awareness itself though it works deeply with the physical body. In neutralizing the reactivity of the neuro-emotional musculature a flow state emerges that reveals really who is embodied. This awareness leads to the resolution of unhealed wounds and to the release of creative life force. In practical ways, faith, compassion and forgiveness meet unconscious cellular memories–bringing the healing wisdom of the breath into the shadows. Thus, a space opens where gratitude, humor and security can exist in a world of impermanence.

The focus is upon the causal place in the armament of the physical body where unconscious beliefs, repressed memory and charged unresolved emotional experience co-exist. The reactivity and tension of this armament are accessed through the breath, subtle energy fields and deep tissue manipulation of the musculature. Trapped creative energy and unhealed wounds are revealed.

The armament children place around their pain may be necessary. However, the illusion of security it provides the adult who maintains it is too often bought at a price far greater than most of us would pay if we knew the burden it placed upon our souls.The recipient and practitioner of Transformational Bodywork commit themselves to awakening from our culture's consensus trance. Sessions are energetically potent and clean psychic workspaces for both the healing of wounds and the accessing of creative life force–where accelerated insight, creativity, and inspiration are midwifed into manifestation.

Since 1988 this seven level professional training program in depth-healing and the art of personal disarmament has provided gifted and mature practitioners in the healing arts, psychotherapy, spiritual disciplines and the bodywork fields unique opportunities to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Continuing Education specific to the breath, cellular memory, and biological defense mechanisms is explored in relationship to free will, the karmic agenda and the journey of the self into love and freedom.


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