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Cheryl Mitouer, CMT

Holistic Health Educator, Massage Therapist

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Co-owner and teacher of Pacific School of Massage and Healing Arts for 30 years

Co-owner and teacher of Transformational Bodywork, Continuing Ed in massage and bodywork

Private Practice

*Self-Transformation: Using muscle testing, a series of questions, and homeopathic remedies, I facilitate my clients through a psycho-emotional-spiritual inquiry to clear old identities that are blocking the fulfillment of dreams, good health, loving relationships, etc. Once the old identity is owned and released, a new identity is created by the client to support and manifest that which is desired.

*Far Infrared: A soothing experience of heating the body with a ceramic tool that stimulates the body’s immune system to kick in. There are particular protocols for different symptoms and the body responses to the heat.

*Complex Homeopathy through Muscle-Testing: Finding the right energetic medicine for you by checking into your bio-field through kinesiology.


My passion is empowering my clients and students. Education is the medium.

All the work I facilitate in private practice, I also teach in small groups.

Learning how to take care of oneself and loved ones is an empowering tool, particularly during these challenging times.

Educational Background

B.A. at UCLA in Humanities and Dance

Sonoma State University – Teaching Credential
Taught pre-schoolers through adults in California, Paris, and Hong Kong

Holistic Life University-Certified as a Holistic Health Educator/Counselor

Marin School of Massage – Certified massage practitioner

The Wellness Center for Research and Education, Inc.- Identity Clearing Protocol

Shamanic Studies in Incan and Tibetan Traditions – 2-year program

Mentored with a naturopathic doctor in homeopathy and the bio-field


Teacher in a private school in Mill Valley and Sausalito for 2.5 -8 year olds

Teacher at the Holistic Health Institute in San Francisco

Director of the Holistic Health Institute in San Francisco

Co-founder/owner of Pacific School of Massage and Healing Arts

Teacher of infant massage, SHEN, lymphatic massage, and movement at the Pacific School of Massage
Private practice in Integrative Health, movement


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Far Infrared Therapy

Infant Massage

Massage Therapy

Transformational Bodywork


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