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Dr. Bill Schieve, CMT ~ Doctor

email Dr. Schieve
707-884-4805 or 707-961-1472


Graduated San Francisco College of Oriental Medicine
June '88

Licensed Acupuncturist
August '88

Graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic West doctorate March '89

Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic
January '90

Established "East-West Healing" business Gualala
September '89

Established "East-West Healing" business Ft. Bragg
September '96

Dr. Schieve incorporates a variety of ancient and modern techniques that attention the "Qi", or bioelectromagnetic energy, which is the animating design force that directs and drives all body processes, as well as addressing the material physiological aspects of any condition, and providing knowledge and education to assist the patient in their own healing.  In this way, hopefully the full continuum spectrum of any existing condition in the individual (spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental, biochemical, physical) will be addressed to provide maximum help.

Dr. Schieve has been separately and therefore dually educated, trained, and licensed by the federal and state medical quality assurance boards to diagnose and provide care by the standards dictating primary health care provision to assist in re-establishing the body's healthy balanced functioning.





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