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Like many women, my interest in beauty and health began with my personal desire for self- expression.   After studying the arts in college, I sensed a deeper intuitive self-awareness that extended my ability to simply apply cosmetics externally and I wanted to share the benefits I was experiencing with other women, and even men!
I believe that it is important to recognize the beauty that resides in all of us and that a positive demeanor is an absolutely critical building block that naturally expands to our seeking healthier life choices.  I am dedicated to helping achieve beauty in all aspects of life including the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. 
I had a long time interest in manicuring and attended the College of San Mateo to prepare for the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology obtaining my Manicure License in 1985.  Two years later and at the repeated suggestions of my clients, I attended the National Holistic Institute and became a Certified Massage Practitioner.  In 2002, I studied with the Upledger Institute in Craniosacral Therapy, repeating this training in 2005.  I also attended Fremont Beauty College to take the esthetician program, becoming a Licensed Esthetician in 2004.  That same year, I participated in the entrepreneur training available in the town of East Palo Alto where I had a home.  These events became the springboard connecting my focus between health and beauty.

Address Beauty manifested as a facial salon in Menlo Park in 2005.  A year later I joined Sira, who started one of the first Day Spas in the Palo Alto area in the 1980’s, Beau Visage, which means beautiful face. Sira had been the most influential person to me all those years as I developed my interest and knowledge of the skin business. From 2006 for two years I continued Address Beauty at Beau Visage.
In 2008 my husband and I moved to Gualala, an extraordinary coastal community where the Pacific Ocean touches the mountain range.  I opened Address Beauty Facial Salon & Spa providing the same variety of healing services that have called to me. I realize that in order for my clients to grow into their full beauty potential, it is important for them to develop stress awareness and healthy self-care. So I have complemented my offerings of standard services with a variety of other features designed to address beauty issues that lie beneath the surface of the skin.

Address Beauty is located in the Elaine Jacob Center in up town Gualala on the ocean-side. You will find all that traditional facial salons offer such as facials, massage, manicures and pedicures, especially for troubled feet.  Come visit this very special salon for that kind of nurturing that is unbounded by any layer of skin. You will see for yourself the glow that has always been a part of you.


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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Facials


Elaine Jacob Center in up town Gualala on the ocean-side.

(will travel to clients in Mendonoma)

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