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Roya Arasteh ~ Certified Yuan Gong-Ren Xue, Level 3

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707-882-1932, 510-725-8184 (cell/text)
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Since 2011, I have immersed myself in the practice, study, and sharing of Qigong, specifically Yuan Gong-Ren Xue. I am grateful to spend four-weeks per year on retreat to deepen my understanding and skills. My life has been transformed from physical illness, depression, and anxiety to a life of wellness, contentment and joy. I have learned amazing tools to uplift my life and would be honored to share them with you. Individual sessions and group classes are available in Gualala and Pt. Arena.

Please checkout our website: for tons of information and personal stories. Feel free to email or call me to discuss learning this profound health practice which benefits the whole of one's life.

What is Qigong?
Qigong is an ancient wellness practice dating back 2,700 years, that uses movement, posture, breathing and mindfulness to provide long-term improvements in wellbeing. Peer-review research on Qigong reports benefits to very specific aspects of health as well, including anxiety, blood pressure, immune function and bone density! Please see U.S. National Institutes of Health (N.I.H) findings on Qigong and Tai Chi: .

What is Yuan Gong and what does it do?
Yuan Gong is an innovative type of Qigong based on ancient wisdom texts and practices, yet also incorporates recent scientific and psychological findings. Yuan Gong is designed to be effective even when practice is brief. It is a flexible and enjoyable way to positively influence health and wellbeing. As well as the physical benefits, practicing Yuan Gong helps to increase mental clarity and improves internal strength and stability.

What does Ren Xue do?
Ren Xue deepens the practice of Yuan Gong Qigong to effect deep, long-lasting transformation by addressing habits and patterns of thought that can block our ability to make positive changes in life. Ren Xue works on all aspects of life: fostering better physical health, clarifying and focusing our thought processes, and opening up our hearts and consciousness: holistically making change from within!




Roya Arasteh


Yuan Gong-Ren Xue

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