Raindrop Technique

raindrop technique

The Raindrop Technique™ is a procedure that stimulates impulses along nerve pathways and helps to rebalance all the body systems. The procedure includes the application of several anti-microbial essential oils to the spine, a series of specific massage techniques for the spinal muscles, and moist heat via a warm compress.

Benefits of the Raindrop Application:

  • Harmonizes metabolic function

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Improves circulation, immune and respiratory systems

  • Decongests the lymphatic system

  • Regenerates tissues

  • Offers structural support and alignment

  • Relieves sports injuries and chronic back pain

  • Calms and strengthens nerves

  • Relieves stress and fatigue

  • Benefits emotional and mental functioning

  • And much more!


Alisa Edwards

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