Feldenkrais Method

feldenkrais method

Does your back, knee, hip or shoulder hurt? Do you have trouble focusing your attention? Have you stopped participating in activities you used to enjoy?  The a shows you how to learn from your body. It doesn’t leave you dependent on a practitioner. Instead, it gives you the means to take charge of your own improvement and get out of pain. When you learn to help yourself. You begin a continuing process of change — shifting out of old habits that cause pain into ways of using your self that keep you pain free. The hands-on Functional Integration will show you ways to move more intelligently like you did when you were young. This does not require weeks or months to show results. You notice changes after (or even during) your first session.

“…the Feldenkrais Method and its unique approach to mind and body has helped me immeasurably, not only in the way I play golf, but also in the way I teach the game.”   ~ Rick Acton, Two-time Teacher of Year ’88 and ’89, five-time Northeast PGA Champion.

 “…The exercises are ingenious and startling in their effectiveness. Feldenkrais has found a way to free people to be more creative intellectually and more flexible and flowing physically.”  ~ William C Shultz, PHD, Author of Joy.


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