Melinda Mills, LAc


Melinda Mills, LAc, has 40 years of massage therapy experience, and 20 years as a licensed acupuncturist. Her career began as a massage therapist in l981, opening the Full Moon Healing Art Center in Marin County.  She began her study of Tai Chi and Taoist meditation in 1986, and in 1992 started an oriental medicine apprenticeship, receiving her license to practice acupuncture in 2000. 

Melinda moved to the Mendonoma area in 2001, with her husband Karl, a Tai Chi / Chi Kung teacher and massage therapist.  Together they have been developing Wildforest Sanctuary, their off grid forest homestead and the non profit land trust, Collectivity Now.

Melinda opened the Birdsong Clinic & Tea Shop in 2008, where she offers acupuncture sessions and massage therapy.  Her practice is intuitive and hands on, relying on pulse taking and conversation with her clients to create treatments. These deeply relaxing treatments can address acute or chronic health issues, pain relief, or simply be a “tune-up” for preventative health maintenance. The sessions use primarily acupuncture and oriental medicine modalities along with bodywork and some herbal and lifestyle suggestions. Personal Chi Kung and meditation lessons are available for interested clients.

Many folks ask the question, “What does acupuncture treat?”  The answer is
“Everything!”  Melinda’s treatments are designed to open up blockages of the
chi flow, and a create balance for each individual, so any health issue or discomfort can be addressed.

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(*including Chinese herbs, Botanicals, Cupping, Moxabustion, Acutonics sound therapy, Chi Nei Tsang, Essential oils
Massage Therapy


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“My wounds became my spectacles, helping me to see what I encounter with empathy, and with a grateful sense of privilege.”
~ Martin R. Lipp

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