Nan Wishner, C. Hom

How I came to be a homeopath: 
I originally became interested in homeopathy in 1990 when a homeopathic remedy brought my elderly, chronically ill cat back to health and kept him vital for several years until he died peacefully. Realizing that the cat could have no way of knowing how he was “supposed” to respond to the remedy, I began learning about homeopathy to satisfy my own curiosity about his seemingly miraculous recovery.

Eventually, I decided to formally train as a homeopath to work with both people and domestic and farm animals.  I studied at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, graduated from the Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy, and bring to my homeopathic practice the accumulated skills of my many careers and interests: the deep listening and passion for people’s varied stories that I developed as a newspaper reporter and writing teacher, the critical thinking and scientific rigor I honed during more than 35 years as technical writer, the sensitivity I have cultivated in my personal work as a poet, the spiritual understanding of my years of practicing and teaching yoga, and the practicality and knowledge of the natural world I have acquired from my herd of dairy goats.

What can you expect if you seek homeopathic care?
Homeopathy understands health as freedom to experience the sensations and emotions of life in a state of mental clarity and to express our individual creativity, without becoming stuck in any one state or unduly susceptible to pain or illness. 

The initial homeopathic interview takes 2-3 hours for adults, less for children and animals. You will be invited to speak about all areas of your life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  The totality of your state is what I try to match with a remedy.  In other words, the interview focuses as much on you as a person and your experience of life as it does on any particular symptoms or conditions. 

Typically, a follow-up appointment of 60 minutes is scheduled 4-8 weeks after the initial interview, and regular follow-ups continue for at least 6 months.  Follow-up appointments, and, in some cases, initial appointments, can be done by phone or video call.  Homeopathic healing happens best when we stay in regular communication about the changes you notice so that we can fine-tune prescriptions to suit your progress.

For acute illnesses such as flu, a remedy can bring relief within minutes or hours. For long-term health issues, healing is typically gradual, and multiple remedies may be needed, although some improvement is usually felt within the first few weeks after taking a remedy.




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“My wounds became my spectacles, helping me to see what I encounter with empathy, and with a grateful sense of privilege.”
~ Martin R. Lipp

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