Asha Carolyn Young

I am an intuitive energy healer using a mix of healing modalities and skills acquired over several decades. I work with Light, hands, breath, focused intent, channeling, and toning.

Energy healing is gentle, loving, non-invasive, quick, and highly effective in bringing harmony to body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It is supportive of all medical procedures in helping alleviate discomfort and promote recovery.

You can easily learn to practice energy healing on yourself and others, and I teach several approaches.

In a healing session, the person who actually does the healing is you, the recipient. And because love and life force energy – or chi, prana, quantum energy — has no limit in space and time, you can receive energy healing in-person or remotely with equal effectiveness.

Join me for a healing session or class. We meet by phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, or in-person.

I welcome you.




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Asha Carolyn Young


Energy healing with Light, hands, breath, focused intent, channeling, and toning


(will travel to clients in Mendonoma)
Remote (anywhere)

“My wounds became my spectacles, helping me to see what I encounter with empathy, and with a grateful sense of privilege.”
~ Martin R. Lipp

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