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core fitness

Developed by Marie Walton Mahon, Progressing Ballet Technique  (PBT), is a full body conditioning method that improves core strength, stability, coordination, flexibility and posture. Students use a variety of props, such as resistance bands and balls, to activate and isolate muscle groups. In PBT, it is the quality of movement over quantity of repetitions that is key. Students will have a large fit ball, 8-9” pilates ball, resistance band (9.8’ long & 6” wide), racquetball and a mat. Fascia release techniques are integrated into all classes to wake up the body, release tension and pain, and increase range of motion. No dance experience or knowledge in dance required.

PBT Class experience: A PBT class starts with a fascia release exercise that connects you to your body and the present moment. This allows you to start with a clean mental slate and start to focus on the exercises. The warm-up process incorporates many techniques so you are ready for PBT. You will be allowed to focus on YOU!
PBT requires a lot of focus and concentration which will come naturally as you continue to practice. All PBT exercises work the abdominals, so a lot of repetitions are not necessary to feel results. Since not everyone is at the same fitness level, some people may be able to do more repetitions than others, some may need a modification, or a more advanced version of the same exercise. No matter your level, quality (correct posture throughout each exercise) over quantity is very important to obtain the right muscle memory.

When you can no longer maintain the correct posture, we move on to another exercise and/or piece of equipment. We focus on correct form in each movement so our bodies can guide us through the exercise. Since we use several pieces of equipment throughout, each object will position you into the correct posture with guidance. If you are not in the correct posture, you may not feel what you should. In between some of our more challenging exercises, you are given a fascia release exercise to massage the muscles out. Each class ends with a relaxing, gentle cool down. After only a few classes you will be surprised at your improved posture and movement throughout your daily activities.

This class has been beneficial to those with sciatic nerve pain, tech neck, herniated discs, and poor posture. If you are self-conscious about being in a group setting for whatever reason, this is a safe environment to start. Everyone is, and has been, very supportive of each other. Once the exercises have started no one will be capable of watching what the other person is doing. PBT has helped inspire people to start a more active life.

Benefits and healing aspects of PBT:

  • Increased core strength
  • Tech neck correction
  • Pelvic floor strengthening
  • Increased flexibility
  • Posture awareness
  • Mind and body awareness
  • Aging with grace
  • Whole body strengthening
  • Activation of deep muscles for lasting effects
  • Low impact
  • Stability and weight placement training
  • Breath awareness paired with movement
  • Resistance training
  • Use of your own body weight
  • Go at your own pace towards your fitness goals
  • Modifications for each exercise from beginner to advanced
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Longer leaner muscles

Fascia Release benefits:

  • Pain reduction and management
  • Reduction of tension and stress
  • Reduction in muscle soreness
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Increased energy
  • Improved circulation
  • Ease symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Reduction in cellulite and stretch marks
  • Improved sports performance


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