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Sonic Soul is a state-of-the-art sensory wellness experience and digital psychedelic lab. By combining ancient philosophies and modern science, I can help you address a wide array of mental, physical and emotional issues in a truly one of a kind experience.

I provide a safe and effective alternative to psychedelics and pharmaceuticals using frequency technologies to stimulate the nervous system’s natural healing mechanisms.

A Sonic Soul Sound Healing session will drop you into a meditative state, allowing your mind, body, and soul to relax and enter brainwave states that you could not access before.

You will be transported into an ecosystem which scientifically synchronizes your senses through light, sound and vibration to induce deep states of relaxation and inspiration, while simultaneously providing a neurological reset.

When the body enters this harmonic state, it is known as Sensory Resonance. This enhances meditation, increases performance, shortens rehabilitation, alleviates pain, stimulates health and improves the attitude of any user.

Contact 415-283-8204 or to set up an appointment and see for yourself.

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sound bus


Sound Healing
(*including sound table, tuning forks, bells, bowls, massage, flower essences, Essential oils, chanting

Mobile studio in Gualala, CA

(will travel for private and group sound journey’s, healings and baths)

“My wounds became my spectacles, helping me to see what I encounter with empathy, and with a grateful sense of privilege.”
~ Martin R. Lipp

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